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March 2018

Career Pathways

At 13, did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up? Possibly not, I certainly had no idea. My mum tried to get me to go into medicine because I was good at Science, but I just wasn’t interested in a career in medicine!

Like all schools, we are required to provide students with impartial careers education and advice from year 8. However, we fully understand that many students still will not be sure what career pathway to take when they leave school, college or university.

That is why we hold events such as our Options evening, post 16 information evening and our fabulous, ongoing career events. Around 30 different employment sectors have set up 'shop' in our school this year and shared information with parents and students about their professions and how students can best prepare themselves.

At this stage in their education, students should keep their options open and have the flexibility to choose any or many career pathways. The key to successful future employment is good qualifications, skills and personal attributes.

Qualifications: Most employers, colleges and universities will require students to have a grade 5 in English and Mathematics plus at least 3 other good GCSE passes. Students need to appreciate that their GCSE outcomes remain with them throughout their lives, e.g. anyone wishing to pursue a career in teaching must have the appropriate GCSE grades in Mathematics, English and Science to even get on the teaching course. Their success at KSA can be the cornerstone of their future career.

Skills: The kind of skills that employers are looking for, are reflected in our KSA Learner.
Reliable: excellent attendance (+95%) & punctuality (<15 lates)
Hard working: good attitude to learning
Responsible: taking responsibility for their own success (positive behaviour reflected by achievement points)

Personal attributes: These are what makes one candidate stand out against another either in their application or at interview. All students are expected to complete at least one hour of enrichment - this could be developing a musical talent, trying a new sport or joining a masterclass. There are lots of opportunities for students to develop themselves here at KSA.

Qualification, skills and personal attributes: the keys to a successful future.

Over the weekend I reflected on my own career pathway and how I ended up becoming a teacher more by chance than design. Nonetheless, making this decision in my life was easier because I had the qualifications skills and attributes but I also had the determination and passion for teaching children.  I now have the best job in the world! This is what I wish that for every one of our students and I'm glad KSA will play a part in them achieving that goal.


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