Adverse weather info




Dear all,

School will be open tomorrow on Wednesday 13th December. There will be NO enrichment for the rest of this week so that students can safely depart from school. The school buses and coach will leave at 3.10pm. Students are in full school uniform and need to bring a coat, gloves and a scarf to keep warm, as well as sensible shoes. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. 

 Kind regards 
Mrs Anita Notta
Acting Principal



Any decision made to close the school is a significant one as it not only interrupts learning but we also appreciate that it causes considerable difficulties for our parents / carers. It is always our aim to remain open; however in the event of extreme weather we will make any decision to close the school after considering the safety of students and staff on the school site.


Please be careful as you approach the school because the roads may be untreated. Please slow down and be especially careful in icy conditions at the roundabout outside the main school entrance.


IN THE EVENT OF SCHOOL CLOSURE DUE TO SNOW OR OTHER ... Please visit our website or listen to your local radio station for information on school closures. The website will be the best way to get up to date information. We will text parents to inform them if the school is closed. Also information will be posted on the City of Wolverhampton Council Twitter feed and also the Wolverhampton Today – School Closures Facebook page.


You can also listen to the following local radio stations for information on school closures: