Our Vision and Ethos

Our mission is to be a successful Sikh school. A school which seeks to appreciate and develop the talents and skills of each individual.

Ethos, aims and values

Life at Khalsa Secondary Academy reflects the strong common Sikh faith that we share, but also values and celebrates the differences between us. We know, from our daily experience, that diversity enriches us. We learn from other traditions, but we also appreciate our own tradition more deeply. There is room to grow and develop – to seek and explore one’s own relationship to faith, but within an inclusive community which works hard to value and appreciate everyone.This approach, as you would expect, is reflected in worship, in religious education and in spiritual development.

Learning at Khalsa Secondary Academy

We believe that we have been given many gifts. It is our job to discover these gifts and talents in every student and to develop them to bear much fruit.

We believe that learning is important and valuable in itself, as well as creating opportunities in later life. We know that students like to learn, and that they enjoy an atmosphere in which they learn well.

We believe in academic excellence and we believe in excellence in all fields – whether sport, performance, art or personal development.

A caring environment

Khalsa Secondary Academy is a cheerful, friendly place in which everyone can feel at home and give their best. We insist on the highest standards of good behaviour, mutual respect and concern and because we expect all students to take responsibility for themselves and for others. We support this with a high level of pastoral care and support (including specialist services) for any student who needs it.

The heart of this community are our students. Each year group has a set of tutors led by an Assistant Principal. This team rolls through: receiving the students in Year 7 and working with them to learn, grow and achieve right through to Year 11.

Always seeking to develop, we welcome children from all faiths

In January 2017, the Trust laid the foundation for a major building programme to provide new accommodation for subject areas and to refurbish large parts of the school, providing new facilities for ICT, the library, careers, as well as new classrooms to allow subjects to be taught in “suites” of adjacent rooms which will accommodate the specialist teaching in our Sixth Form. We are extremely fortunate to work closely with the Trust. From Autumn 2018 we will have high quality sports facilities. It is also heartening to know that the new, beautiful Gurdwara will be funded by the local community. We look forward to sharing with you the developments as the year goes by and showing you our state of the art building.

Mrs Piesse
Acting Principal

What is a Khalsa school?

A Khalsa school gives students the opportunity to develop a spirit of humility, courage and selflessness so that students may recognise their role in society of being humanitarians at their core.

This school gives students the possibility to go above and beyond their academic, sporting and musical excellence and delve into the importance of being a well-rounded individual who does not hesitate to stand up for justice and the rights of all to be treated with dignity and respect.  

Khalsa is accepting of all and is in service of all humans, animals, plants and is one with nature. The personal practice of daily mediation, working honestly and then sharing with others are the core values of the individual. Whole school events are organised to support this very vision and ethos.

Our Story

Khalsa Secondary Academy was founded by two professionals, Mr Kandola and Mr Kaley. They had a clear vision; to create a school with academic rigour, coupled with the interwoven, rich tapestry of the Sikh ethos running through what students would be learning both at during their time at the school and beyond.

Parents within the Sikh community wanted a secondary faith school for their children once they finished at Khalsa Primary School, one of our current, biggest feeder schools in the locality.

Free schools were introduced by the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition following the 2010 general election as part of the Big Society initiative to make it possible for parents, teachers, charities and businesses to set up their own schools. As a result of parental concerns about where their child would go at secondary level and for the benefit of the pupils in receiving an “All through School education”; some of the core trustees at the time decided to focus on this ambitious project. The Chair of Governors at the Khalsa Primary School stood down in order to concentrate on realising this secondary project of creating a Khalsa Secondary Academy.

In 2010, the trustees of the secondary academy consulted with the DFE and requested that they help search for potential sites for the school. The old Arbourvale site was a natural choice however the leaders of the council at the time refused to give this site up or sell it to the Trust.

A free school bid was submitted to the DFE in 2010. However, it was rejected.
A subsequent bid was submitted in 2011 and this bid was approved.

A robust search of potential sites was carried out again and Slough Borough Council were again refusing to give us the Arbourvale site. Eventually the Pioneer House site on Hollybush Hill in Stoke Poges was considered the best and only option for the school.

The site was purchased by the DFE and a planning application made to change its use from office to an educational facility.

After a lengthy three year campaign, the High Court approved the planning application in July 2015.

A multi-million pound refurbishment project is now underway to upgrade the school building so that students can enjoy the state of the art facilities.

We are grateful to the Almighty for his blessings.

Mr Kandola and Mr Kaley
The Founders

Our Khalsa Characteristics

At Khalsa Secondary Academy we believe that who we are and how we treat each other is a part of preparing for a happy and successful future, as well as achieving our best and flourishing now. As a community we agreed on five core character traits which make us ‘Khalsa’. We therefore strive to be: