All students are motivated to learn by praise, reward and celebration of achievement. Students should always be commended for good behaviour. Staff should recognise student’s special achievements and share such information with other colleagues.

Students will be awarded positive conduct points when they demonstrate high levels of engagement with their learning. These are recorded by teachers on the school’s SIMS system. Praise must be given for progress, not just high quality work.  It must be possible for all students to receive the same level of positive feedback regardless of their academic development.

Students might receive:

  • Positive conduct points.
  • Certificates and postcards or letters home and awards at celebration of achievement evenings or junior and senior awards evenings.
  • Verbal praise/comments in Year Assembly.
  • Features in the school newsletter or magazine.
  • Comment in student planners, postcards home, certificates of achievement
  • Displays of work.
  • A prize at Celebration of Achievement, Awards evenings, End of Term Celebration Assemblies where progress is rewarded as well as achievement.
  • Termly year group prizes or tutor group prizes.
  • House Treats.
  • Reward Trips.