Sports' Premium

Sport’s Premium




The school received £8000 in Sport’s Premium


£5500 was spent on karate to provide a targeted lesson for each class weekly.


£2500 was spent on sports equipment such as a large climbing frame, hoops, beanbags, balls etc to support the




This academic year we will receive approximately £16000 of PE funding.


The money will be spent on things that will build a legacy within the school.


Karate provision will cost £6000.  Additional equipment will be purchased for Reception classes to build climbing gross motor skills because particularly for girls this is an area of weakness – an a-frame of approx. £900.


The school will buy in a running workshop and a skipping workshop to the value of about £600 between the two as both these are achievable within our very limited current space. The school will be purchasing training through Val Sabin associates to support class teachers to deliver two hours of quality PE a week.  Val Sabin was chosen as this is the scheme of work we use. The training will cost £1700 and will be carried out over two years although paid this year. 


The remainder will be spent on gym equipment for the new building.  Due to a lack of space these cannot be purchased until the summer because there is nowhere on the present premises to store them.



Karate £6000

A-frame etc £900

Running workshops £350

Skipping workshops £250

Real PE £1700

Total £9200


Remaining money - £6800 for gym equipment for new building