News Flash - November 2018

A huge thank you to our dedicated members of the PTA for their very generous donation that helped us to resource our outdoor learning equipment.  The Winter Fayre and Summer Mela were a huge success. We are extremely privileged to have the incredible support of such a committed parent body whose abundant energy and enthusiasm are a great asset to the school.



What is the PTA?

PTA stands for “Parent - Teacher Association” and it is a voluntary organisation to bring parents, teachers and our local community together to raise funds and to support Atam Academy. Money raised by the PTA is spent on buying extra things for the pupils which are outside of the normal school budget and would benefit every child in the school. For example: to buy additional outdoor play equipment, contribute towards extra trips or experiences for the children.

How do you become a member of the PTA?

All parents and carers of pupils studying at Atam Academy are automatically members of the Atam PTA and everyone is always invited to attend PTA meetings and volunteer at PTA events. Even if you are unable to attend meetings, you are still a PTA member and your views and suggestions will always be warmly welcome.

When does the PTA meet?

This year, PTA meetings have been held on Friday mornings at 8.40am. Keep an eye out in the weekly newsletter and Parent Mail text message for dates and times for future PTA meetings.

Who are the PTA Committee?

The PTA Committee are responsible for the day to day running of the association and will schedule, chair and issue minutes for PTA meetings and manage PTA funds.

At the AGM held in January 2017, the following parents were elected to the PTA Committee:

Harminder Kaur Dhillon (Chairperson)

Harjinder Kaur Punia (Secretary)

Toni Kaur (Treasurer)

Class - Parent Representatives

Each class now has its own “Parent Representative”. These representatives will be the first point of contact for the respective parents in each class. Representatives will be rotated on a half termly/ termly basis to allow more parents to become involved in PTA activities.

The following individuals are the current Parent Representatives per class:

o             Piri Class - Tanjit Panesar

o             Miri Class - Jas Sangha

o             Seva Class- Santosh Chadha

o             Simran Class – Jasdeep Tagger

o             Daya Class - Jay Dhanjal

What are the rules governing the Atam Academy PTA?

The PTA Constitution defines the aims, objectives, powers and use of funds generated by the PTA. This Constitution is set by Khalsa Academies Trust and is applicable to all schools within the Trust. A copy of the PTA Constitution is available here.

I would like to get involved, however I cannot attend meetings… what can I do to help?

We understand that more parents would like to be actively involved with PTA activities however due to work/ family or other commitments they have been unable to attend PTA meetings. Therefore, the school office has coloured note cards for parents to share their views, suggestions or to volunteer for PTA events. Simply fill in the card including your contact details and a member of the PTA Committee will be in touch.

We warmly welcome all suggestions and are always looking for ways to make Atam Academy’s PTA and the work it does even better for our school and all its pupils.

Have a look at some of the great events Atam’s PTA have organised or helped with:

Summer Fair 2017

Winter Fair 2017

Vaisakhi 2018

Tuck Shops – raising funds for Khalsa Aid


Summer Fair 2018… join us on Saturday 30th June for another day of fun for all the family.


Contact us

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  • The Atam Academy Parent - Teacher Association (PTA) was founded in January 2017.
  • Since inception, the PTA has successfully organised and held the following events:
    • “Summer Fair 2017” on Saturday 1st July 2017
    • “Winter Fair” on Saturday 2nd December 2017
    • Vaisakhi 2018 – decorated the school and organised gifts of Indian sweets and fresh fruit for all pupils.
    • Father’s Day Gift Shop on Friday 15th June 2018
    •  “Summer Fair 2018” on Saturday 30th June 2018
    • Tuck Shops held on 29th March 2018 and 25th May 2018 to raise money for Khalsa Aid.
    • Santa’s Grotto on Friday 14th December 2018.


  • The above events were supported by parents, local businesses and Sikh organisations.
  • The Summer Fair 2018 was also broadcast on Sikh Channel in a special programme.
  • In July 2018, Ravi Singh from Khalsa Aid was presented with a donation cheque of £1,064.00 as part of his visit to Atam Academy.
  • In October 2018, the school had requested PTA funds to purchase outdoor play equipment for Early Years classes. £3,000 was donated by the PTA towards this expenditure.





Income generated by the Summer Fair 2017                                        £1,026.52

Income generated by the Winter Fair 2017                                           £1,424.91

Income generated by the Summer Fair 2018                                         £1,667.94

Income generated by Father’s Day Gift Shop & Santa’s Grotto      £300.00 [AP1] 


Total PTA Income (TBC with latest bank statement)                          £4,119.37


Fund raising for Khalsa Aid International                                           £1,064.00



Early Years Playground Equipment (October 2018)                            £3,000.00


PTA Balance                                                                                                       £1,119.37[AP2] 




The AGM and PTA committee election (for position of Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary) is held annually, last year it was held on 24th January 2018. Date for the 2019 AGM to be confirmed with the school.


 [AP1]Approximate value – awaiting latest bank statement

 [AP2]This figure may be less as it appears Bryony may have already spent some of this money from 2017 before the PTA bank account was active. Bas to confirm as Summer Fair 2017 funds were banked in school bank account.