As the school chaplain I support the spiritual life of our school in different ways, including worship and pastoral care. We organise services through all the seasons of the school, from whole year celebrations to individual form worship in the Gurdwara, and provide worship materials for reflection in weekly assemblies as well as in student enrichment. 

We work closely with the RE department supporting the curriculum, for example; in class discussions and through celebrating Sikh services in our different traditions. 

We enjoy our connections with local Gurdwaras and all the possibilities this offers, for example in welcoming visiting volunteers, and through our donation to local charities, working as volunteers with local Food Banks and the homeless. We also encourage and lead on outreach work, serving the vulnerable such as the elderly in nursing home and people who suffer from Dementia.  

Within the Sikh community as well as the wider British public we have become popular by opening events in Parliament, with the British Metropolitan police as well as the Ministry of Defense as catalysts and ambassadors of change to lead and engage the population in Sikh values whilst living in modern Britain. Our school has also hosted as well as visited other primary and secondary schools teaching and leading workshops on values such as intrinsic motivation and the importance of mindfulness. 

We also encourage our students to lead services and amritvela as well as evening services in the local community. This gives the students the opportunity to practice what they have learnt in the Gurdwara and open themselves to the possibility of leading and training others as peer mentors in society.  

Working in school, we offer a wider pastoral care team to provide a listening ear to students and staff, we engage with students on many levels, for example in class, on trips, retreats, youth volunteering. Students have the opportunity to seek help on issues that they may have during their school and or personal life.  

We welcome parents and carers at our regular Gurdwara services and welcome you to join us in whole school events. Please feel free to talk to me at any time about the spiritual, moral social and cultural life of the school. 

Mr Singh,

Sikh Chaplain


Chaplaincy Leaflet