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We believe in Inclusion for All

The SEND Code of Practice (2014) is instrumental in reducing barriers to learning, with fuller participation for all in education. At KSA, pupils are assessed for individualised programmes, to ensure appropriate support at every level throughout the school. We endeavour to embrace diversity and challenge for equality, to enable progress.

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) pupils are supported by the Inclusion Team who have amassed a wealth of experience in education and other relevant fields. Their expertise and qualifications range from professional teacher status, to working within the wider community in education. As a result, Inclusion team offers expertise across academic subjects to access the curriculum, plus pastoral care when needed to encourage attainment.  KSA also with local authorities to engage professional guidance as necessary.

Inclusive education at KSA supports pupils with Statements, offering 1:1 teaching and small group work as appropriate, working with all school staff, to access learning.  Professional support is provided to pupils new to English with language support. (EAL). Every team member, understands the complex needs some pupils may have and work together, understanding the importance of building a rapport to underpin ‘individual’ learning needs. Intervention programmes are devised to enable pupils to achieve their potential, to become confident young adults.  Inclusive education also involves parent participation to share objectives to support their children. The team are also support Access arrangements for Public Examinations and fully qualified Invigilators.

The professional expertise offering learning support includes:

Mrs S. Keen – a qualified Teaching Assistant with SEND experience in mainstream education, has particular interest supporting Maths and English.  Mrs Keen has worked with different age ranges and has worked with pupils at KSA for several years.

Mrs Kaur – has specialisms in Literature with Business plus ICT.  With many years of overseas teaching experience, Mrs Kaur supports pupils individually and in small groups, particularly SEND and EAL pupils across the school for several years now.

Mrs K Hundal - has experience of working for global corporations and experienced in SEND across different phases of education. In her role as a Teaching Assistant, she works creatively to support EAL pupils, individual support and working with small groups. 

Mrs S Wilson – Inclusion Manager with mainstream and SEND teaching experience, ranging from Early Years to Adult Education. Former Teacher Training Consultant for Universities, SEND and Equality Government Policies for EU.  Advisor to London schools, now working to support Inclusion and educational attainment at KSA.

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Educational attainment should not just unlock doors, but open up the whole world, by unlocking the potential. Once I sat on the floor, now I am able to sit anywhere, with education as my teacher.