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Our Khalsa Characteristics


At Khalsa Secondary Academy we believe that who we are and how we treat each other is a part of preparing for a happy and successful future, as well as achieving our best and flourishing now. As a community we agreed on five core character traits which make us ‘Khalsa’. We therefore strive to be: KIND, HONEST, FAIR, RESPECTFUL & OPTIMISTIC.


What is kindness?

Being caring and compassionate. Simply put, it means be nice to people. Other words for kindness are: caring sympathetic, empathic, friendly, supportive, considerate, helpful.


What is honesty?

​Truthfulness. Simply put, it means to do what is right. Other words for honesty are: ethical, morally upright, truthful, frank, having integrity.



What is fairness?

​Doing something in an honest and even handed way. Simply put, it means being just. Other words for fairness are: impartial, unbiased, unprejudiced, caring about equality, justice.


What is respect?

Thinking and acting in a way that shows others that you care about their feelings and their wellbeing. Simply put, it means everyone counts. Other words for respect are: esteem, tolerance, appreciation, consideration, courtesy, honour, recognition.



What is optimism?

​Being hopeful about the future. Optimism means believing that positive results are likely. Simply put, it means to be positive. Other words for optimism are cheerful, confident, hopeful, assured, positive, upbeat, encouraged.