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Revision Year 11

Students should now be into the swing of revision and utilising all the support from school. The advice in the materials is extremely useful and even more support can be found on the weblinks at the bottom of this page. For more advice or support for Y11 revision please contact Mr Beeston at the school.


Revision is a task which all students will need to do during their time at Khalsa Secondary Academy. On this page you will find general revision advice. For specific revision advice in subject areas please see the relevant subject areas of the website and/or the relevant teachers.

Revision ideally happens for a short amount of time, but very frequently. If no revision of material is done, the recall of this material falls dramatically:

1st Graph

If, however, material is reviewed, recall improves.

2nd Graph
With each additional review, recall improves.

3rd Graph
4th Graph

Revision is also more effective is planned breaks are taken during revision sessions, rather than trying to complete one marathon session.

5th Graph
At Khalsa Secondary Academy, we encourage students to revise little and often, utilising techniques that suit them.  For example:

6th graph
Research into revision has shown that the most effective revision techniques are competing practise exams and marking them, as well as interleaving subjects (doing a different subject in each short session, rather than them all on the same subject).

More advice on revision and good revision sites can be found below:
•    s-Cool
•    BBC Bitesize
•    GCSE.com
•    Revision World
•    CGP Revision Tips
•    Top Marks Revision Tips

For help coping with Exam stress, more advice can be found from the NHS:

Coping with Exam Stress

Exam board websites – useful for past papers and mark schemes:

•    AQA
•    Edexcel
•    OCR
•    WJEC

Make sure you know which board, subject and specification you are doing!

10 Best GCSE Revision Tips from Year 11 Students

10 Best GCSE Revision Tips from Past Students


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