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Supporting your child through Year 11



Supporting your child through his/her final GCSE year may be difficult. There are lots of pressures and you may be finding it difficult to help your child. Although of course, every child is an individual, you could try the following tips which have helped other parents in the past.



  • Put a copy of your child’s timetable somewhere in the kitchen, so you can ensure she has the correct equipment for the day.


  • Highlight the enclosed controlled assessment, coursework and exam timetable where it is relevant for your child, this will help her plan her time and also indicate to you when she will be busy or under pressure.


  • Try to give your child a quiet place to study. If you have younger children, try to make sure they do not disturb her while she is studying.

Your child can use the school ICT facilities and the library before and after school.


  • Encourage him/her to turn off his/her phone and TV whilst he/she is studying, although be flexible about music, some people work well to music.  Try to limit the time your child uses the social networks. 


  • Encourage your child to study for some time every evening during the week, but also allow time for relaxation.


  • Find out which exam boards are relevant to your child (this will vary from subject to subject) and encourage her to access the exam boards websites, where she can find past papers and mark schemes.



  • Celebrate your childs successes, he/she may not show it, but he/she will appreciate your praise.


  • If your child is becoming overwhelmed, help him/her to keep a sense of perspective.


  • Do not allow your child to do too much. He/she should be concentrating on school, so outside commitments should be kept to a minimum.


  • Encourage good routines, regular bed times and breakfast


         And finally


  • Let your child know you are on his/her side and that you want to help him/her succeed.

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