Our Vision

It is important to us, as a new academy, to have clear aims. We have spent time defining what it is that will make us unique, how we will achieve this and what behaviours we expect of everyone.

Our Vision


In order to raise academic performance, we will create an environment in which our community of teachers, children, parents and carers are fully engaged in promoting learning. They will come to expect experiencing the highest quality of education and love for lifelong learning.  We expect to see a clear improvement in academic progress as learning becomes pleasurable and a key aspect of daily life.


We will nurture a culture where exceeding expectations is the norm. By overcoming barriers and making learning fun for all we will aspire for greatness. High expectations of our entire organisation will help us give students the education they deserve.

Share nobly

Sharing and giving to others we regard as a key process, which particularly impacts learning and is often best pursued by various forms of teamwork, even when it is necessary for each individual’s distinctive contribution to be recognised.  At Khalsa Academy sharing nobly will reflect the relentless pursuit of best practice, multidisciplinary teamwork and a willingness to work in collaboration, for the benefit of all.

Our AIMS and aspirations

  • To deliver the National Curriculum and, nationally and internationally recognized qualifications which meet the needs and aspirations of our students.
  • To identify the personal, health, emotional, educational needs of every student and to ensure these needs are understood and met.
  • To create a gold star school by pursuing initiatives which enrich the learning experience and challenge all staff and students to fulfil their potential and which enable all staff and students to engage in both teaching and learning.
  • To provide enriched and inspirational extra-curriculum opportunities where the needs, talents and creativity of all can be nurtured and all can be challenged to fulfil their abilities and seek new challenges.
  • To develop our students as life-long learners by helping them understand themselves as learners and by developing skills of research, analysis, numeracy, literacy, communication and presentation which are both permanent and transferable.
  • To assist students to develop morally and ethically so that they understand ideas such as equality, respect, compassion, toleration and practise them in their lives.
  • To promote an understanding of the local, national and international community and institutions and a vision of an integrated, cohesive society wherein all are recognized and valued whether for their contribution or their need.
  • To support the physical development of students and their enjoyment of sport for both recreation and competition.
  • To create a school in which communication between all stakeholders is simple, effective, transparent and understood by all.

We believe the impact of the above aspirations will improve life chances for the individual, a more cohesive community and a more skilled workforce ready for challenges of the 21st century and beyond ultimately leading to stronger economy and global competiveness. 

TKAL seeks to be the leading state funded, Sikh faith academy in Leicester by utilising local strategic partnerships to lead pioneering initiatives that embed ground-breaking and contemporary teaching methods. We set high expectations of students and ourselves to ensure the young people in our community always have access to an education that offers them the best possible outcomes.


To achieve the school’s vision we have established a set of behaviours and characteristics that define how everyone within our community pledges to act; these are the values that we strive to demonstrate and personify on a daily basis.