Year 7 FAQs


Khalsa Secondary Academy FAQs


  1. Are children of other faiths or beliefs welcome at Khalsa Secondary Academy? Or does my child have to be religious to attend Khalsa Secondary Academy?


The Sikh faith respects all faiths and beliefs and does not seek to convert. All of our schools in the Trust support the faith and beliefs of all students, whether they are of faith or non-faith, whether they are Sikh or not.


  1. What faith education will students receive?


Students who are Sikh will develop their understanding and love for their faith through regular, morning worship and through a range of enrichment opportunities. Non-Sikh or students with no faith will not be compelled to attend anything that is religious if they wish not to. We will work with all students to help them understand the importance of other beliefs and that we live in a multicultural society where we need to embrace differences, exercise tolerance and celebrate different forms of spirituality. At Khalsa Secondary Academy we will follow the National Curriculum guidelines for Religious Education. We will be teaching students about all religions and faiths. We will ensure that all students are able to connect with people who have different beliefs, cultures and backgrounds.


  1. How will the academy ensure high-quality teaching?


As Principal, I believe that excellence starts from me. I still teach because I believe this to be integral to what I want my teachers to model. I ensure that every member of staff employed has excellent subject knowledge, engages and enthuse our students, taking them to a place in their mind that they have yet to explore. There is consistency across all teaching and expectations are high.


  1. How do you support children before they start in September?


We will have a series of friendship afternoons so your child can get to know the staff and the other children joining in September 2019. We will be doing a range of activities so that before they start in September they are more familiar with what to expect.

We will have an induction day to ensure that Parents and Students have all their questions answered.