History of Khalsa Academies Trust



Khalsa Primary School

Nick Singh Kandola was asked by Hari Singh Sewak (the vision behind the school) to become Chair of Governors in 2001 after the previous COG (a headteacher) stepped down. Nick also became the Chair of the Slough Sikh School Trust to provide leadership to the project and community. Within 14 months of opening, the School received a Good Ofsted Inspection.

 Nick left the school to concentrate on building the Khalsa Secondary Academy in 2010. A few months later, early 2011, Khalsa Primary School obtained an Outstanding Ofsted judgement.


The Khalsa Primary School site was identified and acquired in 2003 and the approval of the school was rejected by Slough Borough Council. The Schools Adjudicator overrode the decision by SBC and approved the opening of the school. Planning permission was granted in 2005.

Over £400,000 was raised by the Sangat from across the UK as we needed to pay for 10% of the building costs. The building project was overseen by Nick and the committee and started in 2006 and was completed within time and budget for a start in 2007. Within 14 months, the School received a Good Oftsed Inspection

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The Khalsa Secondary Academy projects starts and eventually after two years, the Pioneer House site in Stoke Poges is identfied and purchased for £4m.


In 2013, a planning application for the school to be located at Pioneer House rejected and an appeal lodged

2014 – Appeal is rejected

2014 – 14,000 petition signatures to keep KSA at Pioneer house delivered to Number 10

2014 – The Secretary of State calls in the decision

2014 – South Bucks District Council and Stoke Poges Parish Council launch judicial review to challenge decision by the SOS

2015 – High Court decision supports the school to stay permanently at Pioneer House.

2016-2019 – Refurbishment project commences

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Khalsa Academies Trust apply for two new free schools in response to community demands.


The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton free school bid was applied for in 2012 and was originally rejected and then a new application was made in 2013.

Atam Academy free school bid was applied for by the Khalsa Academies Trust in 2013.

Both schools were approved in 2014.

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The Khalsa Academies Trust designs, builds and opens the Atam Academy and the Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton

Khalsa Secondary Academy Stoke Poges get Good Ofsted Inspection

Khalsa Academy gets Good Ofsted Inspection


Designs of both schools were submitted, funding obtained, and school building projects commenced.

The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton opened in 2014 in temporary accommodation and later moved to permanent facilities in the Tarmac headquarters building in 2018. Planning application was successful

The Atam Academy Redbridge opened in temporary buildings in 2015 and moved to a brand new building in 2018. Planning application was successful

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Khalsa Primary School trustees request to join Khalsa Academies Trust after hostile takeover attempt by another secular MAT.


Nick is asked to step in to help rescue the school and becomes a trustee and Chair of Governors again from 2015-2017.

Khalsa Primary School Governors and Head decide not to join the Khalsa Academies Trust

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Khalsa Science Academy Leeds requests to join the Khalsa Academies Trust

Khalsa Academies Trust request RSC to allow Khalsa Science Academy to join us.

RSC refuses request

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Seva School in Coventry asks RSC to join Khalsa Academies Trust

RSC application submitted by Seva School Trustees


Seva School Trustees and Parents ask Khalsa Academies Trust for assistance against RSC decision to force them to join another MAT.

Seva School Parents seek legal challenge on the decision by the RSC to force the school.

Seva School Parents win legal battle and RSC backs down.

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Atam Academy gets Outstanding Ofsted Inspection in May 2019 after Trust moves Khalsa Secondary Academy School leader to Atam in Jan 2019
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Atam academy