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Enrichment Programme

Khalsa Secondary is not just about what students learn in the classroom – the experiences they have here, help to create well-rounded individuals. With this in mind, our enrichment programme includes a range of activities that take place outside of the classroom which are designed to inspire, deepen and broaden skills, knowledge and experience, ensuring they are equipped for life beyond Khalsa Secondary. 

All year 7, 8 and 9 students have a timetabled hour every Wednesday where they are able to choose from a selection of enriching activities, providing them with new opportunities and broadening their horizons. Every Thursday, we offer Sikh enrichment for those students who wish to study this in more depth.

Students are actively encouraged to get involved in a wide range of activities including sport and the arts as well as character forming programmes such as Duke of Edinburgh and the National Citizenship Service.

In addition, at the end of summer term we provide a week long enrichment package, planned according to the interests of each year group and include trips to London and specialist external leaders who come into school to introduce new skills.

School Council

The Student Council is a body of students who represent their tutor groups and year groups, and who contribute significantly to the running of the School.  They offer their opinions and ideas on a variety of matters and plan and deliver activities that help fellow students and the wider community.

The Council meets fortnightly to discuss issues such as uniform, fund-raising events, rewards and charity support and has contributed to school policy and ethos.

Student Council representatives can be identified by different ties, which they all wear with pride.

Student Leaders

Leadership skills and responsibility are promoted through the adoption of a number of roles across the school. All those in such roles can be identified by the badges that they proudly wear:

Senior Students

Year 11 students support the discipline of their peers and younger students in the dining hall during the lunch hour, around the corridors, in the playground, helping the smooth running of systems. They act as role models to younger students.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Students from across the year groups have been trained to identify and support other students who might be being bullied. Their role is to ensure that incidents are reported and dealt with and any victims are supported appropriately.

Buddy Readers

Students in year 8 and up help students in year 8 who need support with their reading. The Accelerated Reader scheme enables students to test their understanding and the support offered by the older students can help build skills and confidence.

Sports Leaders

Students have the opportunity to develop and practise their leadership skills through sport, supporting primary school activities throughout the year.

Student Council

Each tutor group from across the school provides at least one representative for the Student Council, supporting school policy, fund-raising and leadership.

Department Leaders

Departments adopt Departmental Leaders as they are required. Responsibilities include lunchtime and break supervision of departmental areas and support for staff as required.

Student Leadership

Student leadership opportunities are a vital component within our academy.  Students of all ages are encouraged to build their leadership skills through joining the Student Council, becoming a Student Ambassador, peer mentoring, or helping the community through a range of projects. Engaging students as educational decision-makers is the practice of actively teaching young people responsibility for their education.

  • School Council
  • Department Leaders
  • Senior Students
  • Anti-bullying Ambassadors
  • Buddy Readers
  • Sports Leaders