Supporting Reading - myON

Renaissance myON at Khalsa Secondary Academy  Myon

As part of Khalsa Secondary Academy’s continued commitment and drive to improving literacy and promoting reading for pleasure and academic success, all pupils in Year 7 to 9 have been given access to myON, a new product from Renaissance Learning, the company which is also responsible for Accelerated Reading which all students in Key Stage 3 also follow.

What is myON?

Put simply, myON is a personalized digital library at every student’s fingertips. It is a student-centred, personalised, online literacy environment that provides KSA students in Years 7, 8 and 9 with access to over 6,000 enhanced digital books. Titles include both fiction and non-fiction books so that it can support a child’s learning in potentially all areas of the curriculum. Titles are specifically matched to each individual student’s interests, age and reading level.  

What are the advantages of myON over physical books?

myON is a complete literacy solution that reinvents student reading by providing students access to thousands of award-winning digital books anywhere and anytime, and recommending content to readers at their interest and at their level.

myON lets students select books to download through visual search or through the website with their web browser and allows students to download up to 20 books to read anytime, anywhere. Students are supported in enjoying reading because they become immersed in reading titles targeted specifically for them.

Using the app, students can link their account to their school account, and then read any book even when the Internet isn’t available. Books can be read on a variety of devices at school and at home, including laptops, phones and I Pads. Students have access to all types of books and topics that will entice them to continue reading. After reading a book on myON, students are usually able to complete a quiz on what they have read as part of the Accelerated Reading programme, adding to their points score and word count.

In addition, myON provides KSA readers with special features only digital content can give to help students engage with reading more enthusiastically and more effectively - for example spoken word audio to model fluency, sentence highlighting and an embedded dictionary to check new and unfamiliar vocabulary they have encountered.

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