Ofsted and School Improvement

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Dear Parents and Carers,

RE: Ofsted Section 8 Report

Please find attached our recent Ofsted Inspection undertaken on the 23rd and 24th March 2021. This report can be found on our website as well as on Ofsted's website.

You may recall that Ofsted inspected Khalsa Secondary Academy in December 2019 and decided that safeguarding at the school was not effective.  Since December 2019, however, several strides have been made in our safeguarding procedures and practices. Buckinghamshire Local Authority, Ofsted and Anchored Schools have all commented favourably on the journey we have been on and on the significant and tangible progress that has been made.

Ofsted’s most recent report acknowledges the improvements to the curriculum and aspects of safeguarding within the school, most notably:

  • Since the previous inspection, leaders have worked to improve the curriculum despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic. They have particularly focused on broadening and deepening the education that pupils receive in Years 7 to 9.
  • Since implementing the new curriculum from September 2020, teachers have wisely adapted the order in which the topics are taught. Pupils are positive about the quality of remote education the school has provided.
  • Teachers are currently checking what pupils have learned this term, rightly using what they find out to make subsequent adaptations to the curriculum.
  • Since the previous inspection, leaders have started to improve pupils’ literacy across the school. They have purchased books more suited to pupils’ needs and interests, and check more closely that what pupils read is of high quality and from a range of genres.
  • Leaders have rightly prioritised supporting vulnerable pupils, including those with special educational needs and/or disabilities. Throughout the pandemic, staff have used information about the individual needs of pupils to adapt their work, whether they are learning at home or at school.
  • Senior leaders and representatives of the trust have monitored the quality of education throughout the pandemic. They have used feedback from pupils, parents and carers, and staff to improve the use of technology to support pupils’ learning.
  • Leaders and staff have worked hard to improve several aspects of safeguarding since the previous inspection. They have benefitted from useful advice from the safeguarding trustee and external advisers. The safeguarding policy is in line with statutory guidance.
  • Leaders have worked hard and effectively to improve staff knowledge of the risks that pupils face in their local communities. This allows leaders to confidently educate pupils in how to deal with any safeguarding issues they might experience. Pupils say that they feel safe in school. 

 Unfortunately, Ofsted have decided that safeguarding in the school is not yet effective:

  • Safeguarding is not effective because a rigorous and comprehensive culture of safeguarding does not extend to the most senior leaders and trustees. This is because they do not fully understand and follow statutory guidance when a concern is raised about a member of staff. During the inspection, some leaders and trustees expressed disagreement with the requirements of the statutory guidance. This puts pupils at risk. Consequently, despite substantial improvements to much of the school’s work to safeguard pupils, pupils remain unsafe.

Whilst I am pleased that Ofsted has recognised improvements the school has made to the curriculum and aspects of safeguarding, it is disappointing that they have reached this conclusion on the basis of one isolated incident during the summer break of 2020. We believe that the conclusion is disproportionate to the overall findings of the inspection and we will be challenging this decision as part of the Ofsted complaints process.

It is vitally important to note that Ofsted’s most recent (March 2021) opinion is completely at odds with the findings of Buckinghamshire Local Authority, the Ofsted monitoring visit that took place in December 2020 and two comprehensive audits from Anchored Schools (conducted on 6th March 2020 [compliance score of 75.55%] and on 25th February 2021 [compliance score of 95.32%]).  In our most recent February 2021 audit by Anchored Schools, which is a leading nationally recognised auditing service with particular expertise in safeguarding, this school achieved the highest ever percentage of compliance they have awarded to any school in any audit they have conducted.

We will be inviting Anchored Schools back to conduct a third audit to provide a comprehensive assessment of our safeguarding procedures, practices and culture.  This third audit will take place either before the summer holidays 2021 or as soon as possible thereafter.  A copy of this forthcoming audit by Anchored Schools will be shared with all parents for you to read.

I assure you that we will continue to do everything we can to ensure all students and staff are safe and continue to feel safe whilst at this school.

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours faithfully,

Chris Drew