The School Day

The Enrichment programme will run for 4 afternoons a week, Monday – Thursday. The school day will end at 3.05pm on Friday.

The proposed enrichment programme will include a range of activities such as Archery, Martial Arts, Sikh Studies, Panjabi Language, Community Service, and Science Club. A range of skills based/vocational learning experiences will also be made available to students during this time.

School Day Monday - Thursdays

8.45am  – 8.55am Registration
8.55am  – 9.55am Lesson 1
9.55am  – 10.55am Lesson 2
10.55am  –  11.15am Break
11.15am  –  12.15am Lesson 3
12.15pm  –  1.15pm Lesson 4
1.15pm  –  1.45pm Lunch
1.45pm  –  2.05pm Assembly/Form time
2.05pm  –  3.05pm Lesson 5
3.05pm  –  4.05 pm Enrichment

School Day Friday Afternoons

School will finish at 3.05pm on Fridays