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Atam Academy Nishan Sahib

Jul 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

We are writing to inform you that following a recent inspection of the Nishan Sahib, it was discovered that the Khanda and lowering rope needed replacing. This morning, an Ardaas was performed by a Trustee before the Nishan Sahib was lowered and then a new Khanda installed along with a new rope. These works were necessary for health and safety purposes and could not be completed during the planned Nishan Sahib ceremony on Friday 10th July. The new Chola Sahib had to be checked to ensure that it fitted over the Nishan Sahib and we will ensure that a new Chola Sahib is ready for the ceremony. We will make all sure that Sevadars are reminded about all protocols for the ceremony.

Best wishes

Board of Trustees