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Trust Members and Trustees Update

Aug 2020

Trust Update on Members and Trustees

The Trust board and Members have recently agreed a number of changes which we would like to update all of our stakeholders on:

1. Cessation of Members as Persons of Significant Control (PSC)

The number of Members have increased recently to six and therefore under the Companies house rules, each Member no longer meets the threshold of holding 25% or more of the voting rights and therefore  members are no longer persons with significant control. All Members are still in appointment and this recent change has no impact on the power of Members to exercise their functions.

2. Due to new expected DFE requirements for complete seperation between Members and trustees. Mr Inder Singh Uppal who was both a Member and a trustee has decided to remain as a Member and therefore can no longer be a trustee.

3. New highly qualified trustees in HR, Finance and SEND have recently been appointed and will be announced shortly.