TKAW organised a Careers Day in which visitors came into school to deliver presentations and various activities to our students in regards to career choices. Some of these visitors included: Ninder Johal who talked about local employment opportunities, DWP presented Careers and Apprenticeships, Blakemores covered aspects of employment roues and Ramada also joined us on this day.

Making curriculum choices in Year 8 is a very important part of your time in school. It is an opportunity for you to take control of your education and shape the way you want your future to be. The options you choose for Years 9, 10 and 11 will affect how you spend your time at school for the next three years. The choices you make may also influence what course or job you decide to do after Year 11.

You now have fantastic opportunities available to you that will help you get the future that you want. Years 9, 10 and 11 are not just about GCSEs. There are other qualifications such as Vocational courses which are taught in different ways, and it may be that one type suits YOU more than others.

It is important to choose subjects that will interest you and motivate you. Spend some time thinking about what you enjoy doing, what keeps you interested in something and what makes you work hard. Remember that you are not alone in making these decisions, everyone your age is going through the same process. Teachers, friends, parents, carers and family will be able to guide advise and support you in this important decision making process.

Important Dates

Friday 10th March Assembly for all Year 8 Students
Monday 13th March Year 8 Parents Evening and Options Evening. Discuss pathways with subject teachers and Senior Staff
Friday 17th March Options Form return deadline.
Forms to be returned to Student Hub by 3pm
W/C Monday 27th March Options choices reviewed by the Senior Leadership team. Any issues identified  and discussed with students.


TKAW Options Booklets Date  
Aspire.pdf 15th Oct 2017 Download
Advanced.pdf 15th Oct 2017 Download
Achieve.pdf 15th Oct 2017 Download

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