Today’s young people and adults face tough competition for jobs, yet many employers report difficulties in recruiting people with the right skills. The working world has changed fundamentally over the past generation, creating an employment challenge caused by the demise of the job for life, the emergency of the knowledge economy and the loss of many unskilled and semi-skilled jobs due to technological and globalisation changes.

The Labour Market Information is readily available online and can be used to check whether a students’ preferred career path is one which will be in demand in the future.

At Khalsa Secondary Academy we provide comprehensive guidance and information for students and parents about future study, Year 9 Options talks, Year 11 Advice and Guidance meetings, Year 12 UCAS preparation, Year 12 Enrichment Talks, and PSHCE tabled sessions to name a few. 

Try out the Careerometer, it is a simple way to access labour market information:

Be whoever you wannabe!

This provides useful information such as National Salary, Working Hours and Practices and Common Tasks in each profession. This information helps students understand the job market and find out which qualifications they need for different careers. We strongly advise students to look through the resources below before making GCSE and A Level choice.

Interested in the labour market and want labour market information?

The Future of Work 2020 – 2030 – Where are the job opportunities?

A link to the latest labour market information for Buckinghamshire is provided below.