ATAM Academy is a newly opened Sikh faith school situated on Little Heath, off Barley Lane, in Chadwell Heath. At present we have classes up to Year 3. 

We have a high standard of ICT equipment available for pupils as well as our Sikh enrichment afternoon, which includes karate, Punjabi and Sikh history.

The school is an inclusive Sikh school, which welcomes children from all faiths and none.  The Sikh faith believes that all people are equal, and does not try to make converts.  We are committed to developing our pupils’ understanding of their own faith (if they have one) and of other faiths.  The broad Sikh values of love, compassion, contentment, humility and truth underpin the ethos of the school (piaar, daya, santokh, nimrita, sach).


How will the school know if my child needs additional help?

At Atam Academy, we aim to identify pupil’s needs through systems which include:

  • Concerns raised by parents/carers
  • Concerns raised by teachers
  • Tracking pupil progress and identifying children performing below age expected levels
  • Liaising with any previous settings
  • Assessing pupils through the work they produce in books and test scores

How does the school meet the needs of individual children?

  • Teachers make sure that teaching is differentiated so all children can access learning. They also provide challenge and support in lessons and adapt resources to meet children’s needs and learning styles.
  • Flexible groups – some subjects are taught in ability groups, some in mixed ability groups. Children work in different groups and pairs to support and challenge each other.
  • Our team of support staff

Who should I contact if I have any questions or concerns about my child’s SEND?

Your first contact should always be via the class teacher. If you still have concerns, you will talk to the headteacher – Bryony Freeman.

How will the school involve me as a parent and my child in meeting our SEND needs?

We will hold two Parent’s Evenings across the academic year where you can book an appointment to see your child’s work and discuss their progress with the teacher. We give advice on how to support learning at home. In some cases, if appropriate, teachers might use a home/school book to talk with parents.

All children will be made aware of their targets and will be supported to know what they need to do in order to achieve them. Teachers’ marking (including verbal feedback) encourages them to persevere with their learning and explains how to improve their work.

Children will be encouraged to attend review meetings and this is an opportunity for their views to be heard and taken in to account.

In addition, the class teacher gives specific targets (outcomes) for the child so the parent and child can track their progress. These targets are tailored to meet the needs of the child.

The SENCo oversees all the support and progress of any child requiring additional support.

The class teacher plans the work for each pupil in their class to ensure they make good progress.

The class teacher and SENCo evaluate the success of any additional support the child receives.

What additional support will my child receive in school?

There might be a learning support assistant working with your child. Sometimes this can be one to one or in a small group. This adult might also be supporting your child during a lesson.

LSAs in school have completed training, such as speech and language.

Developing links with Newbridge/Special Education Resource Centre (SERC)

We offer the following additional activities:

  • Programmes to provide a range of enrichment activities
  • Social skills programmes/ support, including strategies to enhance self-esteem

What training and specialist skills do the staff supporting children with SEND have?

HC in the process of achieving the National Award for Special Needs Coordination.

Teachers are trained on the 2014 Code of Practice.

All teachers and support staff have training on Talk for Writing programmes to encourage confident speaking and listening.

Our support staff are trained in first aid.

Developing strong links with local schools and services, e.g. Newbridge/Special Education Resource Centre (SERC)

Staff speak a variety of Asian languages as well as French.

How will you support my child with a medical need?

A medical need does not always mean that a child has a special education need. The SENCo and headteacher wiil work closely together to ensure children with medical needs have appropriate plans and support in place.

The school has a policy on the administration and management of medicines.

A fully trained member of staff manages the overview of medication and care plans.

Staff have regular training on supporting pupils with medical conditions from community and school nurses.

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