We recognise that all of our learners will be different with regards to their interests and aspirations. At The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton, we offer an academic and vocational/skills-based curriculum that includes a broad range of subjects at KS3 together with an enrichment programme and extra-curricular activities which will engage all our learners.

Key Stage 3

From Year 7, our learners will begin to build a portfolio of qualifications in the core subjects: Mathematics, English and Science as well as Foundation subjects.

We will offer every learner the opportunity to gain qualifications and excel in a Modern Foreign Language, Computing, Humanities and Art. Learners will also gain experience and certification in a range of trades and skills through Skills Lessons.

Citizenship will permeate the KS3 curriculum providing our learners with opportunities to engage critically with and to explore diverse ideas, beliefs, cultures and identities and the values we share as British citizens.


TKAW Curriculum Date  
Computing 15th Oct 2017 Download
PHSE 15th Oct 2017 Download
RE 15th Oct 2017 Download
Creative Media 15th Oct 2017 Download
Geography 15th Oct 2017 Download
Maths 15th Oct 2017 Download
Science 15th Oct 2017 Download
English 15th Oct 2017 Download
Skills 15th Oct 2017 Download