Headteacher’s Welcome

Welcome to the ATAM Academy.

I am so pleased that you have chosen to look at the academy’s SEND page and its content.

I hope you find it useful but if you cannot see what you need, please do not hesitate to contact our SENDCo or another appropriate member of the team.

My role is:

  • to work with the Assistant Headteacher SENDCo, Leaders and SEND Trustee to determine the strategic development of the SEND policy and provision in the school.
  • I have overall responsibility for the provision and progress of learners with

If you have a complaint or wish to draw our attention to anything, please see the link to our complaints policy.  When parents tell us their concerns, we can learn and improve together.

Warm Regards

David Martin


Special Educational Need Coordinator’s (SENDCo) Welcome

Hello and welcome to the SEND page.  My name is Selina Alexander and I am the Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator  (SENDCo) for the school. 

I really enjoy working with all the community at ATAM Academy and hope that you find this page of use.

My role is:

Hold the National Award for SEN Coordination and will undertake regular training to

keep up to date with policy, guidance and best practice

  • Work with the leaders and SEND Trustee to determine the strategic development of the SEND policy and provision in the school
  • Have day-to-day responsibility for the operation of this SEND policy and the coordination of specific provision made to support individual students with SEND, including those who have EHC Plans
  • Provide professional guidance to colleagues and work with staff, parents, and other

agencies to ensure that students with SEND receive appropriate support and high-quality teaching

  • Advise on the graduated approach to providing SEND support
  • Advise on the deployment of the school’s delegated budget and other resources to meet students’ needs effectively
  • Liaise with Designated Teacher where a Child Looked After (CLA) has SEND (the Designated Teacher is Ms Jamie Ali)
  •  Liaise with parents/carers of students with SEND
  • Liaise with other schools, educational psychologists, health and social care professionals, and independent voluntary bodies
  • Be the key point of contact for external agencies, especially the local authority other local authorities and their support service.
  • Liaise with potential next providers of education to ensure students and their parents are informed about options and a smooth transition is planned


For a more detailed look at SEND please refer to the SEND Policy.

I look forward to working with in the future or continuing to work with you all.

Selina Alexander







Key Academy Contact details:


Headteacher -  David Martin

SEND Governance – Susan Jackson

SENDCo -  Selina Alexander

General School contact details

Pastoral Roles Across Primary and Secondary

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Jamie Ali

Pastoral Lead - Sheila Wrack

Useful Documents

SEND Policy

School Information Report

Accessibility Plan

Equality Objectives

Behaviour Policy

Complaints Policy


Where to find other help and advice


Redbridge Local Authority’s Local Offer – where you can find a directory of help for children and young people with special educational needs in Redbridge Local Authority.  Follow this link

Redbridge Local Authority’s latest Joint Local Area SEND Inspection Report.  Follow this link


Useful contact details taken from the Local Offer:


  1. National Autistic Society.  Please follow this link.
  2. Emotional and Mental Health. Please follow this link.
  3. Behaviour and Inclusion. Please follow this link.
  4. British Dyslexia Association. Please follow this link.
  5. Dyscalculia Association. Please follow this link.
  6. Complaints about services from Redbridge. Please follow this link.
  7. Children with Disabilities Service. Please follow this link