Khalsa Sixth

Join us and take our pledge to success

We appreciate that students need an environment in which they can be successful both academically and personally. We also recognise that we are preparing you for a job market that is constantly developing and changing.

With this in mind, we have tailored the support we will provide to you so that it will encompass a variety of experiences, challenges, opportunities and life skills in order to allow you to successfully compete on a local, national and even international stage to realise your aspirations.

What does our pledge to you look like?

We envisage all our learners to have access to a range of experiences. We will promote:

Vision, Aspiration and Excellence

To inspire you to envisage yourself as a valuable and worthy individual who can contribute positively to society. We will challenge you to work hard and also support you to become more mature, learn independently and take ownership of your education.

Equality, Opportunities and Achievement

To support you to seek out opportunities that will support your lifelong learning journey. As we are a small sixth form we can take the time to get to know each one of you individually and this, in turn, will mean we are able to offer bespoke experiences that really fit with your future aspirations

Citizenship, Work Place and World Ready

To equip you with life experiences, knowledge and intrinsic characteristics that will enable you to be a successful, resilient, focused and accomplished individual. The sixth form is an adult learning and working environment. We do however ensure that a strong pastoral support system is maintained so that everyone has access to any type of guidance they may need.

Pricipal's Welcome

My name is Anita Notta and I am delighted to introduce myself as the Principal of The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton (TKAW). I began teaching over 17 years ago and have been involved in school leadership for over a decade. I am proud to have led TKAW through its first successful Ofsted inspection in 2018. It is an honour to be leading the school into the next stage of its development, to become outstanding, as well as expand the school provision for Sixth Form.

TKAW opened in September 2015 as a Sikh ethos secondary free school and we have quickly established ourselves as the first choice school for many local children and their families.

KVI will provide many opportunities to boost both academic and personal development for all students, through shared specialisms and resources and access to a wide range of ‘out of school’ activities and leadership opportunities, such as School President, Young Chamber of Commerce and National Citizen Service. These will enhance their CVs and university applications. I want our students to know that they can achieve whatever they want, whether that is university, higher level apprenticeships or even setting up their own business.

We will have a strong careers focus and students will study a broad and balanced curriculum, where they will be able to choose from a range of academic and vocational pathways, that will lead to personal success. To help facilitate this goal, we are building a strong network of partners to support the delivery of a rich and varied curriculum. This will ensure that students are equipped with the skills that employers need and have the opportunity to experience a variety of activities to formulate their own career path.

TKAW is an inclusive Academy. Our Sikh ethos provides everyone with a strong moral foundation. I have witnessed first-hand the positive impact this has had on every student, whether a practising Sikh or not; they develop a strong sense of community and collective behaviour is exemplary.

I would like to welcome everyone to come and see what excellent education students will receive at KVI.

Mrs Anita Notta , Principal


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