Our Expectations

Khalsa Sixth students are to be a representative for us around the school and the wider community, and to also be a role model for students in the younger year groups.

As a student at KVI you agree to:

  • Attend regularly, on time and ready to learn.
  • Sign-in before 9am every morning, or sign-in at reception if they arrive after 9am.
  • Attend registrations, tutor time, assembly and enrichment opportunities.
  • To tell the school in good time if there is a problem which prevents them from attending or may make them late.
  • Make every effort to make dental/medical appointments outside of school hours. If unavoidable to try to avoid missing taught lessons.
  • To provide evidence to support absence such as appointment card/letter or text or copy of prescription slip with name and date clearly visible. If none of these are available, to provide a signed, dated letter from parent/carer.
  • Make requests for planned absences with reasonable notice – at least one week. If unavoidably absent, contact teachers and use Google Classroom to ensure they have caught up on missed work (ahead of the next lesson where possible)
  • Sign out when leaving the school site before end of school day.

Students must check their school email & Google Classroom daily to ensure they are up to date and respond accordingly within set deadlines. Students must ensure that they check with teachers what folders, books and other equipment are required for each of their subjects. It is students’ responsibility to ensure they have the correct books and equipment for lessons and independent study.

Dress code

Here at Khalsa Sixth we encourage treating our students as young adults. Our Sixth Form students have privileges which are not available to the other year groups here at The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton. One of these privileges is our Sixth Form dress code.

We expect our students to meet our standards and be smartly dressed in business attire – as you would if you were attending work. KVI students are to be a representative for us around the school and the wider community, and to also be a role model for students in the younger year groups.

Students are expected to adhere to our sixth form uniform policy. This will ensure consistency and an atmosphere of professionalism. All students will be expected to wear a formal grey suit. Students will be sent home if found to be wearing anything inappropriate.



Grey suit blazer

Grey suit trousers

White shirt

Navy blue tie


Black/navy/tan smart shoes


No bulky belt buckles

No large logos on the shirt

Grey suit blazer

Grey knee length pencil skirt/dress or

Grey smart trousers – not skinny fit (slim fit is permitted)

White/navy shirt/blouse - does not necessarily need to have a collar


Black/navy blue/tan smart shoes- heels are permitted but should be sensible


No bulky belt buckles

No large logos on shirts

Timings of a typical school day

Students are expected to be on site from 8.30am.

8.45 - 9.15am                           Morning registration

9.15am - 10.15am                    Lesson 1

10.15am - 10.35am                  Break time


10.35am - 11.35am                  Lesson 2

11.30am   - 12.35am                 Lesson 3


12.35pm   - 1.05pm                   Lunch time

1.05pm - 2.05pm                      Lesson 4

2.05pm - 3.05pm                      Lesson 5

3.05pm                                     End of school day


3.05pm - 4.05pm                      Lesson 6 (Enrichment)