Class Charts

What is class charts?

Class charts is behaviour management software used by our teachers to record and track student achievement and behaviour in real-time. This software gives you up to the minute information on your child’s behaviour, both positive and negative instantly making it easy to track your child’s progress. Class charts is used by our teachers to communicate with you vital information regarding your child such as any positive value points awarded, in the case of any negative points given with reason, important announcements, praise messages and any detention which your child may have.

As parents, you can keep up to date with your child’s progress through the class charts website or by downloading the Class Charts app for parents on iOS and Android devices. If you have more than one child, you can access Class Charts information about your children from a single, centralised parent account.

Signing up with class charts?

Select Sign up from the main page and fill in the form provided. If you are signing up through the app this is the same procedure. Enter your parent code into the Access code field. Please note: Your Access Code is not the same as your password. The access code is only needed for the initial sign up and please note that you will need an email account to sign up. When this is completed click sign up.

Example of access code Image002

Example of sign up window Image003

Click the sign-up button to submit the form Image004

Now you will need to confirm the pupil’s date of birth when prompted. Click on the Date of Birth field and use the date picker to enter the correct date.


A confirmation message will appear, indicating that the sign up process is complete. Verify your email address to continue.


As a parent, what can I view on class charts?


Tracking your child’s behaviour could not be simpler, selecting the behaviour tab will display multiple graphs which represent an overview of your child’s achievement and behaviour data within a customisable timeframe. By default, the displayed date range is 31 days, to view a different range of behaviour data, click on the Date button to select from the available presets or create your own custom date range.

Image007   Image008


You will see the Detentions tab when viewing your child’s behaviour. Selecting this tab will display a list of detentions that have been set for your child. Detentions fall under 4 categories:

Attended, not attended, pending and Upscaled. Attended: Your child has sat this detention. Not attended: Your child did not sit this detention. Pending: This detention has not been sat yet. Upscaled: Your child’s detention has been escalated into another type of detention as they have missed the original detention.

To view more information about a specific detention, click on the arrow icon. This will bring up a popup that describes the detention, including the location for the detention, the awarding teacher and scheduling information.

Image009  Image010

Reporting Absences

Selecting this tab will display a list of absences that you have reported via class charts, once you have reported them. This includes when the absence took place, the reason for the absence and who acknowledged your absence report.

To report an absence, click on the Report new absence button. Next, enter the details of the reported absence into the form provided. You can also include up to 5 files in your absence report as supporting evidence. To do this, click on the Attach supporting evidence button and select the files of your choice. Click on the Submit button to send your pupil’s absence report to their school. The absence can be edited and deleted until it has been acknowledged by a teacher or member of staff.


Reading announcements by staff about your child.

Selecting this tab will display a list of announcements that have been shared with you regarding your child. Announcements with a pin icon will always stay at the top of the announcements list as they are most important or need to be prioritised. If you are viewing announcements from the main parent dashboard, click on the X icon in the top right-hand corner of an announcement to dismiss it. Dismissed announcements can be viewed again in the pupil’s individual Announcements tab.


Viewing your child’s behaviour report card.

Selecting this tab will display a list of On Report cards that have been shared with you regarding your child. Each card displays the timeframe that the On-Report card is active for, the reason why the pupil has been placed on report and a description and how they are performing behaviourally whilst on the report. To find out more about an On-Report card, click on the expand icon.


Communicating via messages with your child’s teacher and other members of staff.

You will see the Messaging tab when viewing your child’s information. Please note that only the teacher can start communication with a parent and can keep this line of communication open or lock as they see fit. If you have received a new unread message, you will see a red dot on the Messaging tab and the teacher’s name. You will be presented with a messaging thread between you and the selected teacher. To send a message, type into the text field provided and click on the green send icon. If you see a green pad lock then the teacher as locked the message thread and you cannot reply.