Year 9 Options

Beginning Key Stage four courses is an important and exciting new phase in your lives. You have been given a grounding in a wide range of subject areas since Year 7 and now have the opportunity to increasingly direct your own learning and pursue some subjects with a heightened focus. We are very proud of the range of subjects we offer at The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton and we work hard to make sure all students experience a high-quality curriculum.  

It is very important that students choose subjects that play to your interests and strengths. In order that you benefit most from your courses in Years 10 and 11, we have increasingly high expectations of your maturity, application and level of motivation. 

There are exciting choices to be made so you optimise your chances of success in subjects you enjoy and in which you have a strong ability and interest. We also want you to have a challenging, broad and balanced education that stimulates your desire to learn and is relevant to your future lives. 

 When making choices, the following questions might help:

  • Would my choice make for a well-balanced timetable? 
  • What am I really interested in?
  • What am I good at?
  • What do I enjoy doing?
  • What is relevant to my future studies or possible career choice?

It may be necessary for some students to make alternative choices as some subject combinations may prove to be impossible to timetable or some class sizes may be too small to run. If this does happen we will work with students to explain the issues and the alternatives with the student promptly and give them the opportunity to discuss and make a new choice.

We encourage pupils to speak to their form tutors, teachers and Head of Learning in the first instance or alternatively, contact the school.

Year 9 Options Booklet