School Development Plan

School Development Plan (SDP)

The purpose of our School Development Plan (SDP) is to improve the quality of teaching and learning in the school, in order to raise student achievement. The plan also contains details of how the school is responding to national changes in the curriculum and assessment. The Plan is a live document, as amendments and additions are made throughout the year. Our Local Advisory Board (LAB) regularly monitor progress against targets, and in the summer term work with the Senior Leadership Team to decide upon our priorities for the forthcoming year. The SDP is always amended in September and formally approved by LAB in October of each year.

Our key priorities for 2021 & 2022 are:

Curriculum and Assessment

1. Leaders to review the curriculum for the contextual needs of students and develop a clear rationale for the sequencing of learning.

2. Leaders to establish and embed a whole-school assessment approach that informs teachers and holds them to account for the progress of their students.

3. To develop an ambitious whole school reading and reading intervention programme.


1. The Trust Board to hold ATAM Academy to account for safeguarding.

2. To embed the new safeguarding systems and procedures so that safeguarding policy and practice are thoroughly established across the school.

3. Continue to promote a positive safeguarding culture throughout the school and within the community so that all stakeholders have a clear understanding of the ATAM vision.

4. To embed a whole-school approach on managing cases of sexual harassment, online sexual abuse and sexual violence and ensuring that appropriate learning opportunities are embedded into the curriculum that gives due consideration to allegations, prevention and vulnerability of students.

Quality of Education

1. School leaders to provide teachers with pedagogical training on the effective use of assessment, so that teachers planning meets the needs of all students, develops student’s depth of knowledge and ensures no student gets left behind.

2. To implement an intensive programme of teaching and learning pedagogy, with a continued focus on coaching.

3. To ensure SEND procedures and processes meet the needs of all students and that all students who require an EHCP, particularly medical needs receive their full entitlement.

Behaviour and Attitudes

1. Continue to develop systems to enable leaders to identify and address patterns of behaviour incidents, as the school roll increases moving into Year 9 and with the addition of a Year 6.

2. To further develop students as leaders to enable contribution to the wider curriculum and the leadership of ATAM.

3. To provide continued opportunities for students to develop healthier and more active lifestyle choices within the context of our mental health action plan.

4. To embed the revised PSHCE curriculum with a focus on community understanding.

5. To embed the revised behaviour policy from EYFS to Year 9 using the zones of regulation and restorative justice as core strategies to promote high standards of behaviour.