Our Pastoral Care

“All children deserve access to an outstanding education in a safe and happy environment.”

Every child will be given the support and the opportunity to excel. At The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton, we provide learners with an emotionally secure and physically safe place to arrive at every day; where their self-esteem and confidence will be nurtured.

Pastoral care will be organised on a year group system, in which Heads of Year and Form Teachers will be responsible for your child’s performance. In this way, every child will have access to dedicated teachers who will help to support them throughout their school career and beyond.

Classroom Behavior System

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B Codes

If a student’s behaviour escalates or they display behaviour that is deemed to be more severe in nature the relevant B Code should be applied or ON CALL.

Staff must record the B Code on Class Charts. A 30-minute or 60-minute Head of Year detention will be automatically recorded on Class Charts dependent upon the B Code administered.







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