Vision, Mission Ethos and Values

Mission :

Our mission is to provide our family of schools with exceptional opportunities for our pupils, staff and leaders and develop a strong culture of excellence and standards. As lifelong learners we have placed our universal Sikh and British values at the very foundation of our schools. This in turn will inspire our pupils to excel academically, as well as spiritually to become well rounded citizens, who consider sustainability and their digital footprint whilst impacting their local and national communities. 



Our vision is to provide inclusive exceptional schools, led by fearlessly motivated and driven leaders, who command the highest standards of themselves and others.  This level of accountability and consistency, is seen across all aspects of school life, especially in the quality of education, resulting in high performing, well rounded and world ready individuals. 

We care about our pupils and want to ensure that they are happy and safe.  Personal development is at the core of our schools, where we provide impactful experiences and opportunities that will develop our pupils to become future leaders. 


We pride ourselves in the strong community ethos that exists within our schools, allowing all stakeholders to have the opportunity to flourish.  Our ethos is based on the following principles:

Kirat Karna means to live an honest life and be hardworking.  At TKAT we have translated this into

  • TOGETHER AS ONE, WE WILL WORK HARD TO EXCEED EXPECTATIONS through examples of ; Sat, Santokh and Dharam  

Naam Japna means to meditate and recite God’s name. We have translated this into

  • TOGETHER AS ONE WE WILL DISCOVER OUR PERSONAL SPIRITUAL JOURNEY through examples of; Pyaar, Chardi kala and Daya

Vand Chakna means to contribute and share within our wider community. We have translated this into

  • TOGETHER AS ONE, WE WILL LIVE LIFE IN HARMONY WITH ALL OTHERS through examples of ; Pyaar, Himmat and Daya


Universal Sikh Values:

Our values are the foundation of our schools. They are woven in all aspects of school life, whether that be through our strong pastoral provision or our broad and balanced curriculum offer.