We recognise that all of our learners will be different with regards to their interests and aspirations. At The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton, we offer an academic and vocational/skills-based curriculum that includes a broad range of subjects at KS3 together with an enrichment programme and extra-curricular activities which will engage all our learners.

From Year 7, our learners will begin to build a portfolio of qualifications in the core subjects: Mathematics, English and Science as well as Foundation subjects.

We will offer every learner the opportunity to gain qualifications and excel in a Modern Foreign Language, Computing, Humanities and Art. Learners will also gain experience and certification in a range of trades and skills through Skills Lessons.

Curriculum Policy

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Curriculum Information


Curriculum Lead: Mrs Kaur

Curriculum Map



Curriculum Lead: Mr Mattu

Curriculum Map Trilogy

Curriculum Map Triple



Curriculum Lead: Mr Salh

Curriculum Map


Design and Technology

Curriculum Lead: Mr Sandland

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Digital Enterprise

Curriculum Lead: Mr Seabridge

Curriculum Map Computer Science

Curriculum Map Business Studies Year 9

Curriculum Map Business Studies Year 10

Curriculum Map KS3 & KS4 Computing

Curriculum Map iMedia

Assessment Map iMedia



Curriculum Lead: Mr Astbury

Curriculum Map French



Curriculum Lead: Mr Bujarh

Curriculum Map RE

Curriculum Map History

Curriculum Map Geography



Curriculum Lead: Mrs Boyd

Curriculum Map PE