Education has been the foundation of the Sikh faith, as the literal translation of the word ’Sikh’ is a life-long learner. The founders of the Sikh faith made clear that the spiritual and secular life should coexist. Sikhs believe that education not only prepares students for work and life in society but also supports spiritual growth. Education should raise aspirations and personal standards, encourage self-awareness and humility, and inspire us to seek a greater purpose in life.

Success and well-being for all (sarbat da bhala) – the teachings of the Sikh Gurus espouse an egalitarian ethos that implicitly necessitates the ethical imperative to work towards the success and well being of all regardless of age, race, gender, religious/political affiliation, or socio-economic status.

Pupils will follow an engaging international, creative, thematic curriculum based on the National Curriculum, which will be personalised to their learning needs. The curriculum will be broad and balanced with English, mathematics, Science and Technology at its core.

Pupils will leave school with achievement levels that are above age related expectations in literacy, numeracy and information technology; with good self-confidence; well-developed characters; and employability skills appropriate to the employment needs of the local area.

The enrichment curriculum offers exciting new opportunities for pupils and these include the opportunity to participate in Olympian sports such as horse riding, archery and martial arts.

We have a good track record of attracting non-Sikh parents and pupils at the schools where the percentage of non-Sikhs has been as high as 25% and from many different faiths.

For Sikh pupils, an hour of each day will be allocated to studying Sikh Studies and Panjabi.

Non-Sikh pupils will be offered meaningful alternatives which will include an alternative range of exciting courses during this time with a focus on moral, ethical and spiritual development. In addition, a modern foreign language such as Spanish or French will be offered to non-Sikhs during the 1 hour Sikh Studies/Panjabi lessons.

All students will study the five main faiths in RE lessons, as defined in the local SACRE policy.