Article of Association

The Khalsa Academies Trust Limited (A Company Limited By Guarantee)

Company Registration Number: 07549443


Funding Agreement

Khalsa Academies Trust MFA

The British Sikh School SFA (The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton)
ATAM Academy SFA


Notice to Improve

Notice to Improve


Trust Committees:

Standards Committee                                        Chair: Susan Jackson

Finance, Audit and Risk Committee                     Chair: Manmeet Singh

Faith and Ethos Committee                                Chair: Shaminder Rayatt

Remuneration Committee                                  Chair: Shaminder Rayatt

Personnel Committee                                        Chair: Harbhajan Singh Bar

TKAT Strategic Plan

Please click below to read our Strategic Plan covering the period

Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Scheme of Delegation and Governance Handbook

This Handbook is designed to give general advice on Academy Governance, advice, and information specific to The Khalsa Academies Trust (TKAT). It should be read in conjunction with the Articles of Association of our Trust and the Scheme of Delegation. It may be supplemented by guidance published from time to time by the Department of Education or Ofsted and by the NGA Code of Conduct for Governance, which each individual Local Advisory Board should adopt. The Scheme of Delegation, available on the Trust’s website and as a separate document, supports the Handbook.

Many of those involved in our Governance are experienced Governors, Leaders, and staff at Academies and are familiar with Governance, but perhaps not with the specific requirements of being a Member of a Local Advisory Board within a MAT, a MAT Trustee or Member. This Handbook is intended as an introduction and a reference guide whatever your current role and level of experience. The DfE’s Governance Handbook, Role Descriptors, and the Academy Trust Handbook 2022 (formerly known as the Academies Financial Handbook) underpin it. At

The Khalsa Academies Trust, we believe that effective Governance should consider the knowledge of the whole academy community in which the school is based. Therefore, the delegation of responsibilities to Local Advisory Boards is focused on what matters most: pupil outcomes, the quality of teaching, the curriculum and stakeholder engagement.

Governance Handbook and Scheme of Delegation 


Local Advisory Boards Structure

The following is the minimum number of governors appointed by the Trust on each LAB for the academies:

Governor Profiles

Keys Skills and Experience

A minimum of two educationalists, one of whom should have experience of SEND provision

Qualified teacher and or SENDCO

*A minimum of one local authority representative or person who works at the local or neighbouring authority

Local councillor, LA employee, Professional role within a public body

A minimum of two representatives from the local faith and or community organisations

Representatives from the local Sikh and non-Sikh faith communities