Implementation and Impact

Across our school, we have a shared articulation for our ATAM curriculum experience which follows the journey of a child from Early Years to Key Stage 4. Our curriculum provision maps our curriculum which builds our inclusive, caring culture and ethos which sequences knowledge, understanding and skills to aid learning. Having selected our subjects and topics, our teaching staff organise the required knowledge into carefully considered sequences. This ensures that links are made between topics throughout the curriculum, rather than topics being taught in isolation. Our PSHE programme fosters personal development and social understanding and our enrichment programme offers enriching opportunities and experiences for all. Together, these elements provide not just a broad and balanced academic experience but also a wealth of treasured and enriching experiences for all the children and young people we educate.

We can provide a clear rationale for our curriculum model explaining how the design promotes specific values and skills to meet important local and national agendas such as health and wellbeing. This local flexibility allows us to personalise their provision for our school community for example the delivery of Punjabi as a modern foreign language, the provision of literacy and EAL additional English provision and the subject time allocation for each year group.