Our Ethos

The word ‘Sikh’ means learner and as such the learner and the learner’s journey is at the heart of The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton ethos. Our ethos is informed by principles that are both British and Sikh in the hope that, by drawing from two cultural traditions, we can begin to work towards a more integrated Britain.

The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton is built upon the three principles of Sikhi: Kirat Karna, Naap Japna and Vand Shakna;

Kirat Karna means to live and honest life and at TKAW we have translated this into Beyond Academic Achievement through;

Excellence, Knowledge, Effort, Self discipline, Standards & Courage.

Naam Japna means to remember God and we have translated this to Beyond Selflessness though;

Self belief, Meditation, Truthful, Reflection, Discipline, Gratitude & Peaceful.

Vand Shakna means Sharing and we have translated this into Beyond the Individual though;

Helpful, Sharing resources (time, ie. Mentoring, food, knowledge,etc.) Service, Compassion & Giving

These are delivered through the virtues curriculum alongside British Values in assemblies, PSHCE and the curriculum.