Governance (LAB)

Local Advisory Boards (LABs)

Local Advisory Boards are vitally important in ensuring the good governance of each academy and are constituted to provide local scrutiny and challenge for Head Teachers and Principals within the individual academies.

According to the NGA latest report here, the general trend in MATs is that the traditional local governing bodies are changing to local advisory boards as a result of the role of MAT Trustees. The functions of the Local Advisory Board are focused on the importance of monitoring educational standards and school life as well as community engagement and accountability to stakeholders. “A number of trusts are moving the local tier into a specific community or stakeholder engagement role. This is a valid move, as those at the academy level often have a strong connection to their individual school and are part of the local community. As such, they volunteer at the academy level because they want to put something back into the community and help improve education for local children”, NGA June 2019

The Local Advisory Board exercises the powers and responsibilities delegated to them by the Trust Board. Details of these powers and responsibilities are set out in the Scheme of Delegation and other key policies.

Responsibilities of the Local Advisory Board

Governors of the Local Advisory Board will have the following duties:

  • Ensuring good governance of the academy, using the agreed level of delegation and reporting accordingly
  • Representing the school vision and aims in accordance with the KAT vision and principles whilst ensuring individual academy aims and objectives are relevant to local needs
  • Supporting the Head Teacher/ Principal and senior leadership of the Academy whilst being a critical friend
  • Monitoring the achievement, quality of teaching & learning and behaviour within the Academy
  • Engagement with the Academy’s key stakeholders e.g. parents/carers, pupils, staff and the wider community.
  • Establishing and reviewing academy level policies and procedures, reflecting Bradgate Education Partnership expectations and bringing them to the attention of the CEO if any doubt exists
  • Working within the expectations of the Terms of Reference (ToR) between KAT & LAB

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Register of Business/Pecuniary Interest 

Register of Business/Pecuniary Interest 2022/2023

Chair of the local advisory body

Name     Appointment date Contact
Harjinder Singh Dhariwal                               Apr 2020



First Name Last Name Position Held Status Term of Office

Date of Appointment

Resignation Date
Harjinder Singh Dhariwal Chair Of Governors/PPE Active  4 Years 31/03/2020  
Opinderjit Takhar Post 16 Development Careers Active 4 Years 27/03/2020  
Gurpal Singh Vice Chair/Staff Active 4 Years 31/03/2020  
Ian Williams ART/DT Governor Active 4 Years 31/03/2020  
Sharan Sandhu SEND Link Governor Active 4 Years 16/04/2020  
Jaswinder Uppal Parent Governor/Digital Science Resigned   31/03/2020 25/11/2022
Manraj Dhillon Staff Resigned   31/03/2020 30/07/2022
John Brockley   Resigned   31/03/2020 31/12/2021



Firstname Lastname 15/10/2020 04.02.21 25.05.2021 20/10/2021 08/03/2022 25/05/2022 24/11/2022
Harjinder Dhariwal Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Opinderjit Takhar Y Y Y Y X X Y
Gurpal Singh Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Jaswinder Uppal Y Y X X X X X
Ian Williams Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Sharan Sandhu Y Y Y X X Y



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