Religious Education

Religious Education



Religious education at Atam Academy enables pupils to become religiously literate. Pupils are empowered to develop into informed citizens who are able to communicate coherently and have a conscious understanding of the world’s cultures, practices, beliefs and values. Pupils are provided opportunities to examine and assess their own beliefs and develop an understanding of non- religious views through study of Humanism.


What values have guided our decisions about the curriculum?

  • Sympathetic understanding of the nature, role and significance of religion and belief in the world with a clear foundation provided by the school’s adherence to core Sikh values of truth, courage, service, compassion, altruism, resilience and love
  • Religious education makes a unique contribution to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils and supporting wider community cohesion
  • The need for pupils to have the skills to formulate reasoned opinions and arguments in order to navigate an increasingly complex and confusing world.


The religious education curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • Can reflect upon their own and others’ sense of identity, meaning and purpose in life
  • Develop an understanding and knowledge of the six major religions
  • Develop an understanding of different beliefs, practices and traditions
  • Know and understanding the practical solutions to issues in the global community

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