Sikh Studies

The Sikh Studies curriculum at Atam Academy is inclusive and underpinned by the school values and ethos.

Its purpose is to allow students to learn about and develop an awareness of Sikh culture, language and identity.

The curriculum provides our students with the ability, to reflect, evaluate and appreciate the important contributions of the Sikh Gurus and how their work and teachings are still relevant in the world that we live in today.

The Sikh Studies curriculum aims to promote a life-long learning for our students and the development of our students in a holistic manner.

Thus, in turn enabling them to become positive and outstanding members of our local and wider community.


The Sikh studies curriculum aims to ensure that all pupils:

· Will be able to better understand and appreciate the importance of the universal Sikh values that underpin Atam Academy.

· Will develop better awareness and insight of Sikh culture, language and identity

· Will have the opportunity to learn and reflect about the contributions and teachings of the ten Sikh Guru’s and the relevance of their work today.

· Will have a better appreciation of Sikh beliefs, practises and festivals.


We hope that the skills and knowledge the students will gain from Sikh Studies will not only help them to be spiritually and mentally healthier but also individuals who will serve communities wherever they go.


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