Sixth Form


Head of Sixth Form: Adam Kilbane
Assistant Head of Sixth Form: Joanne Ah-Sam

Welcome to Khalsa Secondary Academy. We trust that our Sixth Form Prospectus will help you make the most important decision about continuing education Post 16 with us.

At Khalsa Secondary Academy, we seek to provide the highest quality of education and the highest standard of academic success for all our students. We value our young people and regard their progress as our primary focus, whether our students are studying an academic or vocational pathway. Our staff will work with determination and dedication to ensure that all students fulfil their true potential. We have very high expectations of our students but we are a very caring and supportive school and we will create an environment of tolerance and respect where aspirations and responsibilities of individuals are emphasised.

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Sixth Form Prospectus

Sixth Form Application Form

How we meet the requirements of the 16 – 19 study programme

All ESFA funded education for 16 to 19 year olds should be delivered as a study programme which combines qualifications and other activities, and which is tailored to each student’s prior attainment and career goals.

Every study programme must have a core aim. For the majority of students, this will be either the study of substantial technical, applied or academic qualification(s) or preparation for employment

KSA offer the programmes set out below

  • ‘A’ Level Programme: This programme is designed for those students who have achieved high success at GCSE and plan to follow a two-year linear course, specialising in three subjects that they choose. There is very little coursework and these will primarily be facilitating and traditional academic subjects
  • Vocational Programme: Students can choose the Level 3 Vocational courses such as Business Studies, Sport, Performing Arts, Health and Social Care and Information Technology. They count in the same way as Level 3 A’ Level courses, but assessment is both through coursework, controlled assessment and a terminal examination.
  • Combined Programme: Students may wish to combine A’Levels with vocational courses and we would encourage students who felt they would be more successful doing this, to strongly consider this pathway.

KSA elements for each student in the Sixth Form

  • Combined Cadet Force (optional)
  • Community volunteering
  • Core PE
  • Duke of Edinburgh Award (optional)
  • Enrichment session each week
  • EPQ (optional)
  • Life Skills sessions
  • Mentoring
  • PSHE
  • Sports Leadership Award (optional)