Welcome to our Trust

The Khalsa Academies Trust is a Multi Academy Trust which supports local communities to help establish and run Sikh Schools.

Members of the Khalsa Academies Trust have been working with the Department for Education for over 13 years.

The Trust has two schools that it manages:

The new schools are improving local educational opportunities and parental choice by providing new high-achieving schools.

Our aim is to provide inclusive outstanding schools based on Sikh values which inspires our students to excel both academically and spiritually and to serve humanity.

The Trust provides support to local schools in many ways but foremost for education, so it is right that at the heart of what we do is a focus on school improvement, staff development, and enabling our young people to excel. We support schools in meeting the challenges of rising expectations through mutually supportive intervention and training. Secondly, the Trust takes responsibility for financial and resource management that delivers efficiency, effectiveness and economies of scale, so that schools can concentrate on what matters: the education of young people. And thirdly, because all our schools are based on the Sikh ethos, we support schools in the nurturing of the distinctive ethos enshrined in the principle of equality, well being and success for all ‘Sarbat da bhala’.

This principle and our values will ensure that our young people will be poised to make a positive contribution in our multi cultural Britain.