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Khalsa Secondary Academy RSC Letter dated 2nd December 2019

Dec 2019

Ref: Khalsa Secondary Academy RSC Letter dated 2nd December 2019

The Khalsa Academies Trust has three schools within its Trust, the Khalsa Secondary Academy in Stoke Poges, The Khalsa Academy in Wolverhampton and the Atam Academy in Redbridge

We believe that the DFE received very specific whistleblowing allegations from an ex-employee which resulted in Bucks local authority carrying out an audit of safeguarding at the Khalsa Secondary Academy. It is a standard procedure for the RSC  to issue a minded to terminate letter where safeguarding concerns are received and the audit highlighted some gaps in safeguarding processes and policies. These gaps included out of date training for staff members as well as some policies that were out of date. They also highlighted that the monitoring of safeguarding at Trust level needed to improve.

We can fully reassure parents and the community that these gaps in safeguarding at KSA have now been effectively addressed and pupils are safe and well cared for at this school.  This is also reflected in student, staff and parental surveys. We can also confirm that The Khalsa Academy in Wolverhampton, a Good School, had a recent audit from the local authority which confirmed that safeguarding is effective. Our school in Redbridge, the Atam Academy was judged Outstanding  earlier in year.

We would also like to announce that the new Interim Chair of Governors, Mrs Anita Singh is happy to speak to any parents who may have any concerns. Please contact her through the school office via email or telephone.

Yours faithfully


Nick Singh Kandola
Trust Leader