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Our Vision

Our Vision - To establish an Academy of excellence:

  1. To deliver a values based education which through our Sikh ethos will recognise each child as an individual; unique and special but also capable of achieving more through working together in collaboration and co-operation.
  2. To deliver the National Curriculum whilst creating an academic focus based on equity and excellence –where our children can aspire and be supported to gain access to the most prestigious universities, advanced MA and careers in the UK and abroad if they have the aptitude and ability, whilst creating equally robust curriculum pathways that will meet needs of all students
  3. STEM emphasis to inspire study in shortage disciplines -boys and girls- with a focus on Mathematics
  4. To identify the personal, health (including mental well-being), emotional, educational needs of every student.
  5. To create an “outstanding” school by pursuing initiatives which enrich the learning experience and challenge all students particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  6. To provide enriched and inspirational extra-curriculum opportunities where the needs, talents and creativity of all can be nurtured.
  7. To assist students to develop spiritually, morally and ethically so that they understand British values such as equality, respect, compassion, toleration, democracy and rule of law and practise them in their lives.