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The school’s specialism will be an integrated focus on science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM). We will intertwine an enterprising curriculum with a range of sporting and rich enrichment programme.

Our staff will be trained to be mindful of overall literacy, as it is recognised that good literacy/oracy and language skills   improve young people’s long-term prospects and life chances. Our enterprising curriculum will enhance the readiness for our pupils to enter the next stage of their lives and prepare them for success. The specialisation is very similar to the current Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton School which has a waiting list and is a Good school.

Our rational for a STEM provision in Sandwell is that Khalsa Academy will not only improve life chances for our pupils but will also prepare our students to embark on journey that leads to a skilled work force promoting prosperity in the economic climate. 

We are proposing a distinct choice for our pupils and parents, which we believe will be a popular choice. Our approach to teaching separate Sciences as at Key Stage 3 and Key stage 4 will lead to better results at Key Stage 5 in these disciplines. 

At the heart of our curriculum is excellent behaviour, safety and care through the promotion of British Values of tolerance of other faiths, democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect.

The commitment from our school community will in turn well place our pupils to compete for places at the most prestigious universities such as Oxbridge and the Russell Group institutions should they wish to do so, as well as take advantage to progress to the excellent local provisions for higher education.