"Like theatre, drama in schools can unlock the use of imagination, intellect, empathy and courage. Through it, ideas, responses, and feelings can be expressed and communicated. It carries the potential to challenge, to question and to bring about change.” - Jude Kelly

Drama at ATAM Academy develops confidence, creativity and resilience through performance, design, and analysis work.

There are three strands to studying drama which are practical performance skills, social skills and the analytical aspect of plays and literature.

Students will learn three areas to every task set: rehearsal, performance and evaluation.

At KS3 practical based learning explores a wide range of topics.

We explore topics not only for their academic merits but also for their wider cross-curricular purposes. These include exploring relationships and bullying in Year 7, to examining the complexities of social media Year 8.

We pride ourselves on creating an engaging curriculum allowing all students to succeed, even those with no prior experience.


Secondary Drama Long Term Plans

Drama Year 7 Long Term Plan

Drama Year 8 Long Term Plan

Drama Year 9 Long Term Plan