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Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton

Pupil Incident

May 2021

Dear parents/carers and community,

You may have seen a video circulating via social media or sent to you, that includes two of our pupils in an altercation. I would ask that you do not send this video or pass this on as it invades the privacy of our pupils as well their identity.

I would like to make it clear that as a school we do not condone this behaviour as both pupils have been reprimanded appropriately as per our behaviour policy. Both pupils were at fault through a build-up of actions outside of school and are involved in restorative justice as we at TKAW believe that education is key in resolving issues between our pupils and learning through their actions and our values so that they can move forward and build healthy friendships.

Over the next few days, we will be sending information around the responsibility of actions on social media as well as the impact of irresponsible use. We have also had assemblies, worked with our families and appropriate external agencies to resolve the issue. A bespoke social media programme has also been planned and will be delivered with both pupils.

Safeguarding our pupils is of paramount importance to us and we pride ourselves in the way our pupils behave.

Kindest regards

Mrs Anita Kaur Notta