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Car Park Reminder Letter

Sep 2021

Dear Parents and Carers, 


I hope that you are well and keeping safe.  I am emailing regarding the traffic flow and parking on the school site in the mornings and in the evening.  

Yesterday I was extremely disappointed to see a few parents drive onto the zebra crossing whilst our pupils were ready to cross.  I was even more shocked when I stood in the middle of the crossing and a parent drove past on the crossing, near missing pupils and I.  

I would like to clarify the following and will be present each morning where possible to monitor the following.  If we cannot adhere to the protocols, I will be instructing staff to take picture of offending vehicles which we will email out and ban from the school site.  

This is not an action that I would like to take, as I myself, as a parent understand and experience the pick up and drop offs of my own children.  However, the safety of my children at Khalsa Academy is my first and most important priority.  


Tarmac Head office:

Please DO NOT park, drop off or U turn at the entrance towards tarmac head office as you are blocking their deliveries, entrance and exit out of their building.  

Disabled bays:

Please do not block the disabled bays at the front of the school.  This is kept clear so that again, exit to the school can be made safely.  


Please ensure that you stop at the crossing to allow pupils to cross safely.  There will always be a member of staff in high vis gear there to guide you.  


The speed limit is 5mph driving into and out of the school.  Please ensure you are not speeding,  

If you can find an alternative drop off point outside school or car share to reduce the volume of cars onsite, that would help keep our pupils safe.  Please also ensure that you are NOT blocking any business' entrance or exit, or parking in the residential areas and blocking residents drives.  Again we have asked them to take pictures and email them to the school. 

Please be reminded that the gate closes at 8.45am and pupils will then be registered as late.  Please ensure that you drop your children off with ample time to enter the school.  

Thank you in advance for your co-operation in this matter, as "Together As One" we can keep our children safe.  

Kindest regards


Mrs Anita Kaur Notta



Written by The Khalsa Academy Wolverhampton