Why Choose Atam?


We know you might have had your child’s secondary school in mind for a number of years, but there are so many reasons to join Atam Academy. 

  1. Academic excellence

We will replicate the academic achievements of KSA. It is our belief that combining Atam’s vision, values and ethos with experienced and results driven leadership will deliver results that stand up to national rigour. 

  1. Transition made easy

Starting a secondary school can be intimidating, but at Atam there are no older students to be nervous about, no crowded hallways to get used to and no chance of being neglected in favour of the exam year groups.

  1. The sky is the limit

Aspiration is a key word at Atam. We don’t want to constrain students’ dreams. Our international outlook will be embedded not only in the curriculum, but in all activities so that they are aware of the wealth of opportunities available to them, both at home and beyond. 

  1. An ethos for everyone

We are a Sikh faith school, but we promise to provide an outstanding education for everyone - irrespective of faith, gender, social background or prior attainment – who wants to join us. We believe our ethos instils principles in our students that are universal, but no student will ever have to attend religious ceremonies that they do not wish to.

  1. Become a leader

One of the benefits of an all-through education is that secondary aged students get opportunities to develop key life skills, like leadership, by mentoring their younger peers in the primary phase.

  1.  Enriching experiences for all

That we want our students to be high achievers is a given, but we also want them to be well-rounded so they have the best possible chance of being successful after they leave us. To achieve this we are developing a comprehensive enrichment programme that will provide all of our young people to thrive through experience. We will ignite unknown passions by exposing them to pursuits and activities they may not even yet know about.

  1. Community matters

Every student will have a Personal Portfolio of Service (PPS) and offer their services to others in the community. The skills, knowledge and life experiences from this will provide them with a comprehensive catalogue of the impact their work is having. It will also serve to be an invaluable part of their CV and personal statement for university.

  1. New building, new ideas, new futures

Students will benefit from our brand new, state-of-the-art facilities, complete with the latest technology, bespoke sports facilities and contemporary learning classrooms. This inspiring backdrop will see students engaged in a lifelong love of learning. 

  1. Purposeful partnerships

We are utilising our proximity to London and the City to establish partnerships with global commercial, technological and financial organisations. Partners will work with our school leaders to promote entrepreneurship and creativity within the curriculum, as well as offering mentoring and internships. They will also to lead pioneering initiatives that embed ground-breaking and contemporary teaching methods.

  1. Be a part of something new 

As Atam’s first secondary cohort you will have a unique chance to help shape and define what the academy’s culture is.  This is your chance to help shape a successful future for your child and thousands of other local students by creating an academy that you want and deserve it to be.