Early Years Foundation Stage Policies


ATAM Statutory Policies  
Atam Academy Addendum Attendance-and-Punctuality-policy Download
Atam Academy Addendum-Behaviour-Policy-2020-Covid Download
Atam Academy Children Missing In Education Download
Atam Academy First Aid Policy Download
Atam Academy First Aid Policy-With-Covid-19-Addendum Download
Atam Academy ICT and Acceptable Use policy Download
Atam Child protection and safeguarding COVID 19 addendum Download
Atam Complaints Policy.docx Download
Atam Home School Agreement Policy.docx Download
Atam Safeguarding Policy 2019 Download
Atam Safer Recruitment Policy.docx Download
Atam-Accessibility-Plan Download
Atam-Anti-bullying-Policy Download
Atam-Attendance-and-Admission-Register-Policy Download
Atam-Behaviour-Policy Download
Atam-Criteria-Co-ordination-Admissions-Policy Download
Atam-Curriculum-Policy Download
Atam-Data-Protection-Policy Download
Atam-EAL-Policy Download
Atam-Early-Years-TL-Policy Download
Atam-Educational-School-Visits-Policy Download
Atam-Equalities-Policy Download
Atam-EYFS-Lunchtime-Curriculum-and-Provision-Policy Download
Atam-Home-Study-Policy Download
Atam-Intimate-Care-Policy Download
Atam-KAT-charging-and-Remission-policy Download
Atam-Marking-and-feedback-policy Download
Atam-Reception-Drop-off-and-pick-up-policy Download
Atam-Risk-Assessment-Policy Download
Atam-Sex-and-Relationships-Policy Download
Atam-Transition-Policy-form-Nursery-to-Reception-to-Yr-1 Download
Covid 19 School Safeguarding Policy Download
Early years Risk Assessment Policy Download
KAT anti corruption and bribery 2019 Download
KAT Data Protection FOI and SAR Policy Download
KAT Disciplinary Policy 2019 Download
KAT Grievance Policy 2019 Download
KAT-Data-Protection-FOI and SAR Policy Download
Keeping Children Safe in Education Download
Lockdown Policy Download
Pupil Protocol for Online Learning from Home Download
SEND Policy Download
Staff Protocol for Online Teaching from Home Download
Working Together to Safeguard Children 1.pdf Download